Opening: Friday, 09 July 2010, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 10 July - 07 August 2010

Ellen Bornkessel´s solo show THE EASY BEAUTY plays with the perception of fictive and real spaces whose borders nearly dissolve. 

THE EASY BEAUTY consists of two parts, namely the video installation „shall we go?“ and a series of photographies. 

In the video work a figure is moving within invisible boundaries of a theatre space, calling a dog „come on, let´s go outside.“ At first the dog reacts in a happy manner but then... 

In the series of photographies landscapes appear, which partly reflect themselves. They are put upon the wall in different versions showing the original point of view and a shift of 180 degrees. May the point of focus be the real image or the shifted duplicate, both versions appear as „right“. Some night shots in which fragments of nature as well as lights are reflecting, completely leave their origin and raise the question about the original as well as the reality behind the reality. 

Both works appear in a dreamlike atmosphere but are based on documentary material. They urge the viewer to leave the seemingly real space of perception in favour of an extended term of reality. Thus the works of Ellen Bornkessel lead to a reflection of our definition of perception.

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