OPEN SPACE 15 | Transponder

Claudia Fischer, Ulrike Ludwig, Jens Lüstraeten, Sabine Schründer, Jana Seehusen


Opening: Friday, 11 July 2014, 7 p.m.

Exhibition: 12 July – 26 July 2014




We take great pleasure in cordially inviting you to the exhibition Transponder at Galerie Loris. In sequential projections cinematographic and vocal approaches to medial events and spaces line up. A singular event triggers manifold speculations and interpretations, takes on a life of its own in data streams, causes dimensional shifts within the reference to reality.


The attempt at translating abstract knowledge into tangible space is articulated in the video Karte und Gebiet: 74,9 Millionen by Ulrike Ludwig. In the transfer of a particular section of the Indian Ocean onto gallery space a grasping of the non-graspable is manifest as concrete abstraction.


Extent in view of its spatial, temporal, and conceptual in/visibility the satellite perspectives in Sabine Schründer’s work Cloud let become palpable. A participatory searching motion hives off into temporal and spatial dissolution, into losing oneself in the transformed geographical data thicket.


This groping in the fog is symbolized by visual fragments of hangar facilities and dense forest, countered with audio material of speculative “visions”: Jens Lüstraeten’s video work I can see clearly now circulates between hypothesis, speculation, and medial self-exposure.


Claudia Fischer’s Bruchteile, on the other hand, question the generally perceivable. Vacant conveyor blades, a suitcase, and scattered scraps of paper. The bend of a rotating baggage carousel as one leg of a journey through a widely branching system of light barriers and scanners.


Radio signals, transmitters, and responders become active clichés in Jana Seehusen’s pointless speech. Figures of thought interrogate the non-visible within processes and projections. “It’s not like you knew your way from there to there, only you notice afterwards, ‘I’m somewhere else now.’”


Jens Lüstraeten | Videostill from "I can see clearly now"
Jana Seehusen | Videostill from "pointless speech"
Claudia Fischer | Videostill from "Bruchstücke" | 2014
Sabine Schründer | Videostill from "Cloud" | 2014

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