ANDY HELLER, OLIVER KREBS, JAN LEMITZ | Orte zwischen den Welten

within the framework of EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography 2016


Opening: Friday, 30.09.2016, 7 pm
Exhibition: 01.10–22.10.2016
Finissage: Friday, 21.10.2016, 7 pm

Lecture: Friday, 14.10.2016, 7 pm
by David Evans: Informal Photography (in english)


Locations between the Spheres


The photographs of Andy Heller, Oliver Krebs and Jan Lemitz peer into the ‘in-between’, exploring places between worlds and offering a surprisingly intimate view of the fragmentations that characterize our time.


In Ostersbaum, Andy Heller searches for and finds constellations of an urban landscape that came about as the result of chance. At the same time, nothing is unplanned, not a single millimetre wasted in the convoluted architecture, so the pictures are snapshots of a temporary settlement of the in-between.


Oliver Krebs presents globally textured images in which people invent their niches, overcome contradictions and nonetheless merge into ornament. According to the photographer, the images come from the ‘hinterland of the self’.


With The Registration Machine, Jan Lemitz adds a temporal plane to the ensemble. Events connected to the construction of the Eurotunnel in Calais have left their traces. Images condense into stories and a smallest common multiplicity that must now be deciphered.


Andy Heller | from: Ostersbaum (Architekturen) | 2014 | analogue C-Print, framed | 70x70 cm
Oliver Krebs | o.T. | 2016 | C-Prints on Aluminium, framed, 60x90 cm
Jan Lemitz | The Registration Machine | 2016 | digital fine art print on dibond | 83x110.5 cm

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