STANDARD EURO | InfoRaum_Trudelflug

Opening: Friday, 25.11.2016, 7 pm
Exhibition: 26.11.–17.12.2016




Anne Metzen began working on Standard Euro as an ongoing, coherent body of work in 1997. Standard Euro is a research and archiving system - its structure, parameters and contents are determined by happenings of the everyday as well as by current affairs.


Recurring elements and structures are distracted from the volume of gathered information and condensed into standards. Each of the determined structures is provided with a proof that comes in the form of a work on paper, a relief or an object. Along with specific components of the system the proofs are arranged into site-specific installations – the InfoRaum - in response to respective themes and the space. Each component of the system is gathered on lists, in cartons and in normed boxes.


A proof from 2001 - 4.1.08_TrudelFlug (4.1.08_Tailspin) - is central to this exhibition. Newly arranged it is complemented with additional components of the Standard Euro system.Within the context provided by the InfoRaum the notion of tailspinning repeatedly evokes the problematic of the limitations and the controllability of established systems as well as the irreversibility of historic moments, transitions between life and death and the beginnings of illnesses.


The aircraft caught in the aero-dynamics of the tailspin manoeuvres in unpredictable ways, breaking free from a given structure into a random, non-linear system. At some point it exceeds the point of return to point zero; the poise of the tailspin is followed by free fall and the (fatal) crash with absolute certainty. 


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